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Important Things to Know

Most kitchen remodels will take approximately 4-5 weeks depending on the scope of the job. You should have a functional sink within the first 3 weeks.

Typically 3-7 days prior to cabinet delivery Richards Construction, Inc. will tear out the existing kitchen (cabinets, counters, appliances, flooring, etc.) and prep kitchen for delivery & installation of cabinetry.

Prepping to include: electrical wiring, plumbing, walls, soffits, flooring, if you are installing hardwood or ceramic tile flooring, this must be installed prior to cabinet installation. This could take 1-3 days. Vinyl or pergo would be installed after cabinet installation.

Cabinet installation will occur within 1-2 days of cabinet delivery. Following cabinet installation the countertop company will custom measure your new cabinet layout for exact countertop fit. We highly recommend that on the day of the countertop measure, you make arrangements to be present so that you can answer any questions that might arise. Often questions arise that only the homeowner can answer. These include faucet placement, backsplash height, and seams in granite; drain boards, windowsills, radius corners, overhangs etc. Once we have installed the cabinetry, we typically do not return until after the countertops have been installed. This may take up to 5-6 working days from date of measure for Granite, Corian or Silestone.

Countertop hook up and appliance installation will take place at least 24 hours after the tops are in unless it is on a Friday, then we will hook up the following Monday. At that time we should complete the installation of all appliances and plumbing connections unless you are getting hardwood flooring. Appliances are installed after the hardwood floors have been completed.
**(If you have purchased a Sub-Zero refrigerator please arrange with the appliance company to install)**

We ask that you keep us updated as the remodeling project progresses with a current punch list of items. Most punch list items will be completed in 1 to 2 trips.