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Frequently Asked Questions


We will prepare a schedule of events / timeline for the remodeling project. Typically, we will call the day before to inform you that we are going to be working at your home the following day. However, sometimes we can get an employee there unexpectedly, and while we make every effort to keep you apprised of our schedule, we ask you in advance to bear with us, as sometimes scheduling can be a little challenging.

Do I need to move my Furniture?

If hardwood flooring is installed or resanded in other areas of your home other than the kitchen; relocating furniture is the responsibility of the homeowner.

What about my Valuables?

We ask that as a precautionary measure you place valuables in a safe location. Please do not leave jewelry, coins or small valuables exposed. While we are licensed and insured we would rather be over cautious when it comes to your personal valuable items.

Dust Precautions

Dust, and lots of it, is generated during a remodeling project. While we try our best to keep it to a minimum in the work area, we do ask that you be proactive in covering your furniture throughout your home to insure that it is protected. This includes the basement area especially if the kitchen or bathroom area is directly above

Do I need to move my Refrigerator?

We will move your refrigerator for you. Refrigerators should be empty on the day of tear out so we can relocate them. If it is being relocated to a basement or garage please have the area ready.

What if I have Pets?

We recognize that pets are very special and ask your assistance in understanding your pet's needs. We will work with you on any concerns you may have.

Warmth from Dimmer Switches

The dimmer switches we use act like mini transformers. Although it may be alarming at first, please be aware that they do get warm. Will will enclose a fact sheet about them at time of installation.

What about Clogged Garbage Disposal Lines?

Often during a kitchen remodel or countertop changeout, the plumbing lines are disconnected and the drain lines may clog. This happens inside the walls and drain lines back to the major sewer lines. It occurs when sludge hardens after years of buildup. Once your plumbing has been reconnected, you may experience this problem, which will require us to snake the line and clear the obstruction.

What if there are Other Plumbing Issues?

As a preventative measure we ask that you keep an eye on the plumbing drain lines under the sink cabinet. Plumbing leaks typically occur shortly after installation, whether it is a drain or supply line. Please call our office as soon as posible if you notice any leaks.

What if I am installing Ceramic Tile?

If your remodeling project includes ceramic tile, please select your ceramic tile, grout and caulk colors prior to the start date of your project. Also, we encourage you to be at home on the day the ceramic tile is installed so that you can go over any questions you may have with our installer. We will provide you with a listing of ceramic tile showrooms.